Friday, August 1, 2008

Mount Washington ATV Ride

This Sunday is VASA's annual ATV ride up Mt. Washington. The past two years we've had incredible weather and it looks as though this year will be great too.

If you missed the deadline for getting tickets, I have two extra tickets for sale at face value ($20/each). Tickets are good for Sunday, August 3rd only.

If you've never taken the ride up Mt. Washington you should take advantage of this opportunity. Going up on an ATV is much more fun than going up in a vehicle.

If you are interested in the tickets, please send me an e-mail at wild bill vt 04 [@] gmail [dot] com (of course, leave out the spaces in the e-mail address).


Thursday, June 5, 2008



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Friday, May 30, 2008

First club ride of 2008

A small group went out to Vershire and West Fairlee for a ride last weekend. We had a great time checking these trails out. Hope we can make it out there again. Check out our first movie staring wildbill. Filmed, directed, edited, and produced by Michelle (Bandit) Barnes.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trail maintenence,Green-up Day and Opening Day

Well we finally meet with the town and have some dates set in stone. First things first the club will be out on Saturday May 3rd for Green-up day ( weather permitting ). Green-up day is a day the club helps the town picking up trash along some of the roads. This is good for everyone involved. If the club has a strong showing it will help later if any problems arise with the club. Last year was a very good year with very few problems and thanks to everyone who made it a great season. Along with the clean up we will be going on the trails to see what has to be done and clear any down trees etc. We will need some bodies to clear the trails. Anyone that can help and see the trails first hand must contact Anah Tuttle ( ) or myself ( ). We must go out as a group, the trails will NOT be open that day so please do not ride unless you are part of this group. Now! What everyone is waiting for!! Opening Day!!! The season officially will open on Saturday May 17th.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Open Season

YES YES YES Opening day is coming fast. The club is gearing up but needs your help. Next Monday, April 28th, the club officers will meet with town officials to have a definite date to open the trails. I should have something posted the day after. As of now, mother nature is cooperating with us. The trails are drying out nicely and a small group will be going out to check and mark the main loop. That date might just be May 3rd. This is also green up day and the club will be out picking up trash. If the meeting goes well, which I expect, we should also be out doing maintenance and signage. Look for our next post the 29th.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The TTR have new officers and here they are:

President: Mark Dalton = P.O. Box 146 Fairlee VT 05045
Telephone numbers = 1-802-333-9289 E-mail

Vice President: Jeff Sharon = 555 Pratt Rd Bradford VT 05033
Telephone number =1-802-222- 3533

Secretary: Anah Tuttle = 14 Harts Rd Topsham VT 05076
Telephone number = 1-802-439-5674 E-mail

Treasure: Irene Roberts P. O Box 355 Bradford VT 05033
Telephone number: 1-802-439-6872 E-mail

Past President: Mike J Flervy Sr 46 Maple Ave Apt # 4 Barre VT 05041

Trail Coordinator: WildBill Hanlon 3080 South Bayley Hazen road Rygate, VT 05042

(617)-389-9737 E-mail

Co-Trail Coordinator:David LaFlower 58 Robinson Rd East Montpelier VT 05641
Telephone Number: 1-802-223-6409 E-mail

Monday, November 12, 2007

Trails closed

Yes :O( The trail system is officially closed. Club members set out just before hunting season and did some trail maintenance that helped VAST (Vermont Association of Snow Travel) more than VASA but we feel that it is all good for everyone involved. Just before we shut the trails down the club was able to do some much needed trail maintenance including rebuilding a bridge that was pretty much non-existent and a safety hazard. We feel that working with VAST is the best way to keep the trails clear and open. Most members are involved in both associations. As trail coordinator I feel they go hand and hand. This season ran smoothly and we had very little problems/complaints. Thank you ! Unfortunately, at this time we are into hunting season and it is unsafe to ride with the hunters out there. After the hunting season weather permitted maybe (Big Maybe) we will open the trails for a short time before the snow flies. I can not make any promises but it could be a possibility. If there is snow on the ground at that time the trails will not be open at all. We have to have respect for VAST and the snowmobiling season. It is very important that they get a good base down and we do not disturb it.

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching so let's give thanks for this season and many more to come. Happy holidays everyone and God Bless.

Wildbill, TTR trail coordinator